Why Maranatha Yoga matters?

Increasingly, people of all ages are practicing Yoga all over the world. However, in the UK, there are few opportunities to practice Yoga in a way that integrates classical Yoga practices with Christian Spirituality. Christine Pickering has developed Maranatha Yoga over decades to bridge the gap between the two worlds of classical Hatha Yoga and Christian Faith. Pauline Steenbergen and Steve Carter, who work alongside Christine in Cumbria, are Pioneer ministers working ecumenically in these two cultures of Yoga and faith. Their experiences along with the testimonies of participants shows how Maranatha Yoga contributes to spiritual growth, discipleship and unity. If you would like a taster day or if you are a Yoga Teacher and would like to train to become a Maranatha Yoga Teacher contact us.

Maranatha Yoga uses postures and movements inspired by spiritual texts, the purpose of which is to harmonise body, mind and spirit for a period of silence in meditation. Maranatha is an Aramaic phrase meaning ‘Come Lord’, and this simple mantra is used to focus and still the mind, diverting us from distractions towards being at one with God.

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