“Yoga and Christian meditation have enhanced my Christian faith, deepened my spiritual practice and ignited a passion in me which had waned……and a desire to share this with the women I minister, as chaplain in a prison.

I believe Maranatha Yoga has helped me to grow into a “better Christian”. I now experience more joy, more gratitude, more tolerance and love, more peace and a deeper faith and trust in God. All the things we sing about in songs and read about in the Bible and know we should feel more of the time, but somehow it always felt out of reach to me! Now I feel I’ve found a tried and trusted practice to help get me there!” Jo in Bolton, England

 “I found the embodied practice of Jesus calming the storm particularly helpful. I practised this at Greenbelt 2022 outdoors and also on Zoom at home during the Foundation Course weekend in August 2023. I find that with Maranatha Yoga UK,  that I think about the verses/passages for a long time after the practice itself and as a result they land better in my mind, body and spirit.” Rachel, Redditch, England

“Thankful warrior is my favourite posture. Maranatha Yoga UK is a unique spiritual yoga experience that combines mediation and worship. For me, it makes valuable time for peaceful self reflection and rejuvenation in our otherwise very busy lives.”
Angus, Langholm, Scotland (1969-2022)

“Guess you could say I’m one of the curious and a seeker. I’ve always had a belief in God which has never faltered throughout some difficult times. However it’s a long time since I’ve been part of a true Christian family/group. I’ve always enjoyed yoga, the physical stretching, breathing and relaxation. Maranatha yoga UK is helping me make that true connection between mind, body and spirit and explore my own spirituality and beliefs. I’m on a journey with this and have a lovely supportive group along side me”. Freda, Gretna, Scotland

“I love the many benefits to mind, body and soul that yoga provides. Busy family-work life often takes over and yoga is that sanctuary where I can slow down and switch off from all the business of life. In these changing times, I’ve found that the combination of yoga, gospel truths and faith are such a stronghold and a blessing. I’d recommend Maranatha Yoga UK to anyone – beginner to experienced. I was so pleased when after pondering Christian yoga I found Christine Pickering’s book and Pauline and Steve’s sessions. I get so much from them – fellowship, love, relaxation, scriptures and the much needed physical stretches. I often don’t realise how much I need it until I’m in the flow of poses. It’s easy to join in and I look forward to it.”
Suzanne, Cumbria, England

“Maranatha Yoga UK was something I’d heard about, and it sounded a great idea, but my first experience of it was in April of this year, in full lockdown, when Pauline and Steve decided to try it out on zoom. For me, Maranatha Yoga UK has been one of the great blessings of this challenging year. The way I feel about it is summed up in some words from the prayer of the World Community for Christian Meditation read by Steve in that first session “….may all the suffering, violence, and confusion of the world encounter the Power that will console, renew and uplift the human spirit….May all who come here, weighed down by the problems of humanity, leave giving thanks for the wonder of human life.” Maranatha Yoga UK is a ministry of hope, and I, for one, am very grateful for it.”
Cecily, West Sussex, England

“What I Iove about Maranatha Yoga Cumbria is the physicality of it. I find being in tune with my body to ‘be’ in the moment is an enriching spiritual discipline. The most interesting and perhaps challenging part of the session for me is the silent meditation that concludes the Yoga practice. It’s not something we often do in our 24- hour- switched – on world. It’s a useful tool for me in the everyday. When my mind is whirling and I can feel the effects of stress on my body, I am drawn to our mantra; ma-ra-na -tha. In the repetition of the Aramaic word from Jesus’ time, I reach a place of stillness where I can find peace.”
Lori, Cumbria, England

“I have done some yoga but am by no means an expert. Last Autumn, I joined a gym and there were some yoga classes there, which I was enjoying, but that stopped in lock down. I was interested in how yoga could be integrated in Christian worship, prayer and meditation. So I was pleased to be able to experience it. I enjoyed the session in itself and also the reflections on embodiment which it inspired.”
Mindy, Birmingham, England

“I have been teaching Yoga for 10 years and I love what I do and I really feel God has led me along this path. But it has felt a bit lonely at times, especially as I have encountered some suspicion from some Christians for practising an Eastern discipline. And I’ve felt a certain sense of not being quite accepted in the yoga community because of my Christian beliefs. It’s great to have discovered Maranatha Yoga UK. A friend went to a retreat and heard about it. She told me and I found the Maranatha Yoga UK website and this led me to Christine Pickering’s book.”
Una, Leicestershire, England

“We have previously practised yoga with Pauline and Steve and first tried Maranatha yoga Cumbria with them through curiosity. We soon appreciated the blend of gentle poses with prayer, the postures highlighting the words and readings. This leads into a time of meditation with a calmed and receptive mind. It is good to feel part of a community with members of other churches and those who are seeking. We feel the practice is beneficial to our well being and would certainly recommend it to others.”
Liz and Ed, Annan, Scotland

“There has never been a more important time for the formation and development of a yoga practice rooted in the Christian tradition. The team behind Maranatha Yoga UK are uniquely qualified to initiate it and to be faithful to both traditions. We live in an era when spiritual hunger is approaching famine proportions – and a time when widespread suspicion of religious institutions has undermined confidence in traditional avenues of spiritual searching. Meanwhile there has been as a significant surge in interest in yoga, both as a form of healthy exercise and a means to explore spirituality. When the UK think tank, Theos, reviewed research into social and religious trends during the Covid-19 pandemic, they found that while the increase in people accessing religious content online was negligible, 1 in 5 (18%) of the population (and 26% of 18-24 year olds) said that they were spending more time in quiet reflection; 13% overall and 22% of 25 – 34 year olds, said that they wanted “to do more yoga in future”. Maranatha Yoga’s simple yet profound integration of ancient traditions is a precious and timely resource for 21st century seekers.”
Steve, Kincraig, Scottish Highlands

“I feel closest to God when I am out in nature and using my whole body to connect with Him.  Maranatha yoga Cumbria helps me to do this.”
Amanda, Cumbria, England