In an ideal world there would be no charge to attend a Maranatha Yoga class and no one should be excluded because of their socio-economic status. But there are costs involved in being a Yoga teacher and it’s not practicable to teach everyone for free. However if you are struggling financially please contact us and we can work something out.

Here’s our sliding scale of fees in 2021: Zoom classes £5-10 per class depending on what you can afford. Public in person classes will be £10 if a one off occasional attendance or £7 for regulars. The hike in price for public classes reflects added cost mileage, hall hire, cleaning time before and after class, prep time and because initially class sizes will be smaller to keep to covid secure protocols (hands, face, space). If these changes really affect you or your inclusion in the classes – please contact us

Maranatha Yoga has two online giving pages via the Diocesan platform – one page is for regular gifts and one is for one-off gifts.

The links are as follows;

One-off gifts;

Regular gifts;

Alternatively, you can go to the Support Us page on the Diocesan website, where you will be able to find Maranatha Yoga within a list of the Fresh Expressions to donate to. Also on the Diocesan website is a FAQs document.