Associate Teachers

Yvonne Myers

Chaplain specialising in Christian Spiritual care for individuals living with dementia. Yvonne has worked for Methodist Homes for the Aged as a Chaplain in Workington for 10 years. Prior to this, she worked for the National Prison Service as an RC Chaplain. Yvonne developed Biblical Yoga after trialing many other ideas for worship for older adults. Biblical yoga uses movement alongside scripture to improve understanding and the ability for individuals to enter into spiritual discussion. Yvonne currently works as a Dementia Chaplain and Hospital Chaplain and is happy to share her work and experience with others who might benefit from it. Before the Covid-19 pandemic she was trialing Biblical Yoga for primary school children at an After School Club and was running a Community Dementia Friendly Service. You can visit her website to find out more, download resources and contact her.

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