Embody Lent Book

New for 2024! Embody Lent a book by Rev Pauline Steenbergen a Wild Goose publications (Iona Community) available to order for £10.99. Click on link below to purchase.

This book intersects Yoga and Christian Spirituality in an illustrated 8 session course involving movement, breath awareness, biblical reflection and ways into silent prayer. It is a resource for individuals, pairs or groups and there are options for chair exercises, if necessary. Yoga teachers, fitness instructors, school teachers and pioneers can easily take this ‘off the shelf’ and facilitate sessions in their context for all ages and abilities.

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Maranatha Yoga the book – available order now…

This is an illustrated, practical handbook for those new to yoga or for those with years of experience of the various postures, prayers and meditation practised in Maranatha Yoga. It can be used by individuals as a companion to support and sustain their personal practice at home, as a guide for yoga practitioners wanting to explore incorporating Christian spirituality into their routine practice or by yoga teachers looking for a way to integrate Christian spirituality into their yoga classes.

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Buy a copy of the Foundation Course Manual

To purchase your copy of the Foundation Manual please contact us here.

“The manual was very well designed, I thought it was just the right balance of information and reflection. I really enjoyed meeting the other members of the course, as a one-to-one in zoom break out groups and as a group in plenary. Also the practices were restorative, lovely and thought-provoking. I would definitely recommend the course to other people.” 

Rachel in Redditch, participant on the Foundation Course.

“I really enjoyed the MYUK Foundation Course, I found the manual very good, simple to understand and follow and very informative and helpful. For me, I still had some concerns about explaining the concept of Christian Yoga to those who are very against the idea, so I found the history and background to its development very interesting,  I had no idea about the early pioneers like Bede Griffiths! This inspired me to go and do some more research of my own. Also the YouTube video “Christian Yoga – Do or Taboo” was so helpful in that respect.  It has given me confidence to articulate what I know from my own experience. 

I enjoyed the style and pace of the MYUK Foundation Course modules 1 and 2 online with Pauline Steenbergen. It felt relaxed and unhurried with space to talk, reflect and listen.

I enjoyed the challenge of teaching my version of the Lord’s Prayer Yoga sequence. 

I really enjoyed my day, it was special and it has reinforced my enthusiasm and sense of calling to keep going deeper into this yoga journey as I approach my formal YMCA yoga teacher training this year.” 

Jo in Bolton, Participant on the course.

For the seeker, the curious, the disciple and the teacher